About Us

Basanta Lama wanted to build a restaurant system that would be famous for providing food of consistently high quality, uniform methods of preparation as fast as possible. He wanted to serve burgers along with all kinds of foods and beverages. Thus, the idea of The Burger House & Crunchy Fried Chicken (CFC) was born. To achieve this, he chose a unique path: persuading franchisees to buy into his vision, working not for themselves as well.

Talking about their food, CFC’s Crunchy Chicken Burger is an inspiration from KFC itself. Similarly, their signature burger, the Grilled Chicken Burger, has a patty that is completely chicken. Something that makes CFC quite popular among the college crowd–their primary target group–is that they offer Kathmandu’s most affordable burgers starting at Rs. 100. They are the pioneers in the Salad Bar in Kathmandu, establishing the first one in Kathmandu with a specialty chef trained in Dubai.

The first CFC was launched on Chaitra 30th, 2072 at Sankhamul. Currently, CFC has 10 outlets inside of Kathmandu, excluding the 2 under construction and 1 outlets in Dharan.

Founder's Message

He came back with an idea, a passion and a dream. A vision to change how burgers were seen in Nepal. Fast forward 3 years, he’s conquering the fast food scene. This is the story of Mr. Basanta Lama, the owner of The Burger House & Crunchy Fried Chicken franchise.

Mr. Basanta always had a passion for food. He has been involved in the food industry for almost his entire adult life. Prior to going abroad, he had worked in smaller restaurants and burger joints all over Kathmandu for almost 7-8 years. Feeling he had achieved little growth here, he went abroad to learn more. There, he worked in the Burger line itself at Burger King and other various franchises that specialized in burgers.

But, he always had that dream to do something of his own in Nepal. So, he came back with knowledge, experience and a first-hand understanding of how burger chains were managed abroad. This is where he found the spark to turn his dream into something real. So, with his sister and 2 friends, Mr. Basanta launched the first CFC on Chaitra 30th, 2072 at Sankhamul. And the rest, as they say, is history.

3 years later, they have 10 outlets in the Kathmandu valley and 1 in Dharan as well.

He came. He saw. He is conquering, rapidly.

Basanta Tamang Lama

Basant Tamang Lama