Our Journey

Our Journey
April 4

2072 Chaitra 30

Our first Outlet and the begining of The Burger House and
Crunchy Fried Chicken Started from Sankhamul

April 4

2073 Mangsir 17

Our Second Outlet and the Expansion started
with mid Baneshwor Outlet.

April 4

2073 Magh 15

Our Third Outlet and the dream of revolutionizing
the food culture had new wing at Pipal Bot Dillibazar.

April 4

2074 Baisakh 15

To Surve the National as well as international guest
from all around the globe we opened our
4th outlet at Thamel, Saathghumti.

April 4

2074 Bhadra 10

To serve the people who were rich in Culture and
Food Tradition, we opened our first outlet in Lalitpur
and Fifth Outlet in Patan Sundhara.

April 4

2074 Mangsir 10

Our Founder Mamber who were grown and learnt so many
things from the culture of boudha, Jorpati. We opened our
sixth outlet at Bouddha Jorpati.

April 4


Soon we will start serving you from Newroad Kathmandu.